Our Services

We manufacture traditional gentlemen’s headwear in a variety of styles and fabrics in our Manchester factory, using well established methods and high quality materials. Where possible, we only use components made in the UK. With regard to volumes, B Luft Ltd can produce smaller runs up to bulk quantities.

Our team consists of highly trained machinists with years of experience and the Company is well known within the industry. This is how B Luft Ltd has maintained its presence in the headwear industry for over 100 years.

Over the years, B Luft Ltd has manufactured for many well known companies under their brand but still using our fabrics, therefore giving the companies an opportunity to produce their headwear within shorter time frames. This allows businesses to adapt their buying from a home base rather than ordering large quantities from overseas. The added advantage of a UK manufacturer is that we can react to buying trends quickly especially with sizes where we can produce what is needed.

The process of CMT (cut, make and trim) offers the most flexibility to the customer. This is where the customer provides outer fabrics (we provide all other components) to match their ranges which works well with smaller volumes. We can also provide the customer with a variety of linings, again matching their products, another beneficial factor to consider when dealing with a UK supplier.

B Luft Ltd is able to compete with foreign imports given our established longevity within the industry. The experience gained over this time combined with our customers, who have been with us for many years, leads B Luft Ltd to be one of the last true UK manufacturers.